What is Fly and Dine?

Fly and Dine aims to give readers a comprehensive view of dining in relation to air travel. It covers food options in the air, at the terminal, and on the ground. Whether you’re looking for the best option for lunch in business class on Qantas or where to grab lunch on a layover at SIN, Fly and Dine will guide the way.

Who Am I?

I’m Jason Kessler, host of Trip Testers on Travel Channel and an internationally known journalist specializing in food and travel. I’ve written columns for Bon Appetit, Food Republic, and Organic Spa while freelancing for a whole host of publications on a wide range of topics. I’m a lover of food in all its forms from the nicest steakhouse to the popcorn kiosks at ORD. If it’s good, I’m eating it and then I’m writing about it so you can share in the joy of culinary discovery with me.

Editorial Policy

In order to provide you with the most incredible coverage I can muster, I accept media discounts and comps. I wish I didn’t have to, but this whole blogging thing isn’t the most lucrative in the world and I want to give you access to all kinds of great things that most normal people simply can’t afford. I make it absolutely clear that there will be no coverage in exchange for access and my stories bear this out. If I write something extremely positive, it’s because I truly loved it. If I write something really negative, it’s because I hated it. That’s really it. You can always trust that I’ll accurately and fairly report on experiences I have, no matter whether I paid for them or not. As a professional journalist, this is a promise that I make to you. If you have any issues with this, please email me at flyanddine@gmail.com and I’d be happy to discuss it further.

Affiliate Policies

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