Adam Carolla Goes Off On Airport Lounges and First Class Food

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I’ve been an Adam Carolla fan since his days as co-host of the syndicated radio show Love Line (with Dr. Drew). He may be crass and over-the-top in some of his opinions, but he’s always been a funny voice of reason and while he’s come a long way since his days of making fun of teenagers calling in with questions about STDs, he’s still finding things to make fun of on his podcast.

In a recent episode, Carolla goes off on two things near and dear to the Boarding Area community: First Class Lounges and airplane food. Apparently a Fontina and leek omelet didn’t make him all that happy (“Do something you can pull off,” he says) and his co-host hits the plight of First Class food right on the head: “I feel like this entire menu is the dream of something fancy by someone who’s never had food before and never been in first class.” The audio is NSFW for bad language, but it’s worth a listen:



  1. Ha! In true Adam Carolla fashion, he is very blunt, which I love. Yes, just some mediocre normal food beats mediocre trying too hard to be fancy in the sky food. It is all re-heated anyway. 🙂

  2. What an ignorant b blowhard! Typical of American talk radio, being paid huge amounts of money to spew the brain dead mis-knowledge of the world! When will Americans grow up and become a mature race of people? Maybe they would then deserve the enhanced menus in F and comp access to lounges as is the case in the rest of the world? Is this guy for real? Has he never heard of the Welsh and leeks…or a cheese beyond Kraft singles?

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