Delta Makes Huge Additions to On-Board Experience

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At last night’s Delta Altitude event in Los Angeles, we were able to sample the newest additions to Delta’s in-flight program and I have to say, things are looking pretty sweet for Delta passengers. Or savory, as the case may be.

a menu on a table

The biggest news to come out of the event is that chefs Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo are going to be providing the food for Delta One passengers heading to JFK and DCA starting this fall. Consider it the West Coast version of Delta’s longstanding partnership with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group. The food on offer last night came from the chefs’ existing restaurants Son of a Gun and Jon & Vinny’s, but no word on what the actual in-flight menus will have in store for hungry flyers. Just knowing that it will come from the two LA culinary masterminds should be enough to get you excited.

Outside of the food, Delta flyers can expect Alessi serviceware, Tumi amentity kits with Kiehl’s products inside, new loungeware/slippers for long-haul flights, Zac Posen-designed uniforms for flight crew, LSTN headsets, and bedding from Westin. On the food and beverage side, there’s the new complimentary main cabin meals, a new round of snacks (Squirrel brand almonds, KIND bars, pretzels from Pretzel Perfection, and the beloved Biscoff cookies), and a brand new scotch: Macallan Double Cask 12-Year Single Malt (only for Delta One on international flights).

Overall, it’s a really good look for Delta. It would be nice to see more of these improvements trickle back to the main cabin folks, but it’s safe to say that Delta One is jockeying for first place amongst first class competitors from legacy US carriers and around the world.



  1. Loungeware? What loungewear?

    I’m flying DeltaOne on a 10-hour flight (SEA-AMS) and I expect no “loungeware” at all. Tell me I should expect more.

    • You should expect more. That doesn’t mean you’ll get it, though. The DeltaOne loungewear + slippers (shown the photo above) may only be available on flights from the US to China, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Come on, Delta! Give the people more loungewear!


    Still will be getting green and/or brown pet food mush when I order VGML. And I have a 50-50 chance of the caterers messing it up and covering it with cheese. Or an appetizer of cold cooked veggies followed by an entrée of the exact same veggies, just heated up. And why oh why do the caterers think the ONLY dessert EVERY ONE of us special veg* meals requestors wants is three slices of fruit?

  3. Until Delta stops its anti-union propaganda, I won’t step foot on this pernicious airline. Shameful company.

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