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I’ve been in St. Louis for the weekend and I’m sitting at STL right now as Southwest proves once again that they’re all about the delays (seriously, it seems like half of the flights leaving here tonight are delayed). The good news is that I’m sitting by Gate E6 and there’s some plywood up across from the gate promising two new places to eat and drink.

I don’t know when they’ll open, but if you’re flying through STL, you’ll soon be able to indulge in Italian food from The Pasta House Co. and, more importantly, beer from local favorite Schlafly’s. I had their pale ale this weekend and I was definitely impressed. In a town known for Budweiser, it takes a lot of guts to open a craft brewery, so give Schlafly a chance the next time you wind up here. I always like to give some love to the little guys.

STL is certainly not my favorite airport to fly through, but at least soon I can hide my disdain through a river of local suds.


  1. As a lifelong resident of STL, many of us now realize that Budweiser is no longer a St Louis brand…..it’s Belgian now. And Pasta House for Italian? Oh, heck no. You go to the Hill for true STL Italian…and you won’t see much of a Pasta House presence there.

    • Until they put the Hill inside the terminal, I think Pasta House is going to be the best flyers are going to get. I’d like to think that Bud will always be a St. Louis original (or, you know, Czech), no matter how consolidated the beer world gets thanks to InBev. I’m sure you’ll agree, however, that Schlafly’s is an STL original.

  2. Yes the East terminal where SW is lacks some facilities so the Pasta House will be a good addition. I usually don’t have many SW delay problems out of STL. Frontier out of Denver is where I notice the most delays in my little world. It’s really too bad that SW isn’t over in the C concourse. I think they are keeping SW in the newer Terminal 2 by some agreement plus with the international flights they usually use Terminal 2 because there is where the limited customs area is.
    STL has so many empty gates the restaurants and stores are too spread out. At least they have a new Admirals Club in the C concourse although a pain to get to from the D gates.

    • I just hit a 2.5 hour delay last night. Not fun. It would be great to be able to move throughout all of the concourses. I have Admiral’s Club access, but couldn’t get there because there was no way to get into the terminal. Definitely a shame. Hopefully there will be more changes on the horizon.

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