Dylan’s Candy Bar Opens in JetBlue Terminal at JFK

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If you like candy as much as I do (and if you do, you’re probably 6 years old), then you’ll be thrilled to learn that iconic New York candy shop Dylan’s Candy Bar is coming to JFK’s JetBlue Terminal (T5). The candy store bills itself as “the world’s largest confectionery emporium,” and while I’m sure Bill Wonka would have something to say about that, the fact remains that these stores contain a ton of sugar within their walls. They have locations in New York, East Hampton, LA, and Miami and if you haven’t been, they’re truly impressive.

The grand opening is slated for Thursday, March 20th, and if you happen to be traveling through JFK, make sure to stop by for giveaways from both Dylan’s and JetBlue.


The scene at Dylan's LA location.

The scene at Dylan’s LA location.


  1. I’d hardly call Dylan’s iconic. Just because it isn’t in times square doesn’t mean it isn’t an overpriced tourist trap. I mean lets face it, its a candy store. Sure its huge and has tons of stuff, but its still candy. Its not like the store even makes and sells its own products. 90% of what the store stocks can be found in any decent sized supermarket in america. The most impressive thing about the store is the hype that it is able to generate. Then again, Dylan’s father is Ralph Lauren. I’d say he knows a thing or two about using marketing to get people to spend more on something than it is worth. At least in his case the product is somewhat original

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