Groupon Now Offers Reservations

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Hey, your favorite (or most hated, whatever) daily deals site is now offering time-specific deals. You don’t even need to bring your little voucher with you. When you buy the Groupon — currently just for restaurants that take reservations, but soon for salons, gyms, etc. — you’ll now be able to choose the exact time you want to come in and that means it’s more likely you’ll actually use the damn thing and the restaurant won’t be overloaded with bargain hounds all trying to cash in their cupcake Groupons at the same time.

Rick Bayless, the best Non-Mexican Mexican chef in America, touts the new system as being “a fantastic way for even the busiest restaurants to diversify the ways in which they engage with customers and strengthen their brand.†In non-business speak: this means more people coming through the door.

You can read the whole press release right here if you so choose. Sounds like a pretty good development to me. Now where did I put my cupcake Groupon…


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