It’s International Bacon Day! (Who Cares?)

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Which means about as much as my 8-year-old self declaring every other day “Opposite Day” to get out of being wrong about things. I’m not going to belabor the point with a long essay, but haven’t we had enough of the International/National _____ Days? I wrote about it back in February 2013 for Bon Appetit and I’ve seen a lot of other articles on the same topic since. It’s a marketing ploy and it’s stupid. STOP CREATING FAKE HOLIDAYS, MARKETERS. That it all. Rant over.

If you really want to get your bacon in today, though, check out this dumb story and stock up on bacon-y things right over here.


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  1. I would wager in the Muslim world, it is NOT international bacon day.

    But a day without bacon is just not worth living.

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