Are These New Cabin Improvements Really Improvements?

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So I came across this video over at Gizmodo

…and I’m scratching my head over what exactly is new about the entire system. I mean, mood lighting? Been done. Highly articulated seat control? Been done. About the only thing from the video that seems innovative is removing the power boxes from under the seats and I’m willing to bet that one of you fine folks will tell me that’s been done before, too. So what about this new system from BAE is new in any way?

Also, Gizmodo gets it pretty wrong by saying those are economy seats in the video. Yeah, right. The airlines will never put a mere two seats where three seats will fit. Never.

IntelliCabin? More like OldNewsiCabin. Oh, by the way, BAE Systems not only makes stuff like this, they also make things called “Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems” which make me nervous even typing about them.

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