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You Need This South Bay Brunch.

I think about breakfast/brunch as a meal the same way I think about Emilio Estevez as a Sheen. I’m glad it’s there but I wouldn’t be all that upset if it disappeared and left dinner (Martin) and lunch (Charlie) as the only remaining meals. This brings up an interesting point: Where is Emilio Estevez? Has anybody…

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What’s a Vegan Donut?

Welcome to The Menu, Fly&Dine’s brand new section that covers the latest and greatest in the world of food, whether it has to do with travel or not. Think of The Menu as a way to figure out where to eat on your next vacation! Please welcome April Rankin, Fly&Dine’s newest contributor and soon-to-be regular…

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New In-N-Out Comes to LAX Area

Double-double fans, your time is now. Well maybe not now. More like “some time this year.” Double-double fans, your time is some time this year. That’s because a brand new In-N-Out Burger is coming to the LAX area, according to Eater LA. While the location on the north side of the airport at 9149 S.…

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6 Amazing Pizzas Worth Flying For

A little over a week ago, I posted a story with that gorgeous deep dish pizza photo above as the cover shot. While the title indicated I was saying goodbye to my beloved deep dish, a reader saw the photo and thought the post was going to be about pizzas worth flying for. In the…

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Avocado Beer and Vintage Whisky

Beer made with avocados? Whisky* from 1941? These are phrases that definitely get my attention and hopefully they get yours, too. I’m always on the lookout for anything out-of-the-box (or bottle in this case) and happily got to attend two events this week that do not qualify as normal everyday occurrences. The first was Angel City…

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New Exec Chef = Sexy Food @FSLosAngeles

Let’s face it: hotel executive chefs don’t get the same attention that chefs of individual restaurants receive and, yet, they have so much more responsibility. Instead of just one menu at one kitchen, they’re in charge of multiple dining outlets, buffets, on-site catering, room service, and everything else that relates to a hotel’s F&B program.…

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