Um, Krusty Burger is REAL and Open in LA???

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Hold onto your blue beehives, people. Krusty Burger is a thing! A real thing! I just saw a story on Eater LA that Krusty Burger has opened in Los Angeles at Universal Studios and a little bit of digging reveals that there’s actually been a Krusty Burger in existence at Orlando’s Universal Studios since June 2013. If you already knew this, stop reading now. If you — like me — are completely blown away by this news, then please read on.

Krusty Burger is a part of Universal Studios Hollywood’s brand new Springfield section and for Simpsons fans, that means Krusty Burgers, Duff Beer, and souvenir Homer water bottles can all be yours… for amusement park prices. Hey hey hey, it’s the Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski way. Krusty’s always looking to make a buck off of his image on The Simpsons, so consider it part of the gag when you spend $50 for lunch for a family of four.

krustymenuAccording to the menu in Orlando, The Krusty Burger can be yours for $9.99 (although that does include waffle fries) or you can opt for the Side Show Bob Foot Long Hot Dog featuring a Nathan’s foot-long hot dog with chili, cheese sauce, cole slaw, and onions, the vegetarian Mother Nature Burger, the definitely-not-kosher Ribwich, or the Clogger Burger, which is basically a double Krusty Burger with bacon. For only $12.99 in Orlando, it seems to be the best deal on the menu (in comparison to the plain Krusty Burger, at least).

The Yelp reviews are positive so far, although there aren’t many. As a Simpsons fan for the entire run of the show, I’m pretty excited. I hate theme parks, but a trip to Springfield might be too strong to resist. If anything, it would be an honor to overspend with money that goes directly to KrustyCo.

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