The Genius LAX In & Out Burger Trick

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UPDATE 4/29/15: Is this trick dead? Read about the Parking Spot’s big changes right over here.

An ENORMOUS tip of the hat to the ladies of Heels First Travel for this incredible trick that gets you a ride to LA’s famous In & Out Burger and back to LAX FOR FREE. Got a layover and need a Double-Double Animal Style? This trick gets it done. Just make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to order and get back to the airport for your next flight.

So what’s the trick? Hop a ride with the airport parking shuttle that’s right next to the In & Out! When you’re done, get back on the shuttle and head back to the airport. Not exactly what the shuttle is intended for, but as long as you tip your driver, I don’t see the harm here.

Here’s how it works: After you land, head out to the median curb (not the internal curb, but the outer one) and stand under the red signs reserved for hotel courtesy shuttles. Look for a spotted bus that says “The Parking Spot.” They’re hard to miss because the buses look like leopards. Make sure to get on the Parking Spot bus for SEPULVEDA. If you get on the one for Century Blvd., the trick doesn’t work.

Once you get to the parking garage, get off, walk over to In & Out and go nuts. My favorite is the Double-Double Animal Style with Animal Style fries (roughly 14 million calories in total).  What’s your go-to In & Out order? Leave it in the comments.

Since I live in LA (and across from an In & Out), I doubt I’ll ever do this myself, but give it a shot. I’d love to hear your experience!

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  1. DEFINITELY tip the driver….a free shuttle/bus trip is definitely worth at least a buck!

    I like to take the bus there…eat, watch planes, and then WALK back to burn off some of the food!

  2. I admit I have never used offsite parking in LA but when I have done it at BWI, Logan and FLL, they have always asked for my parking ticket when i get on the bus at the airport to go to the lot. They also normally pick you up at your car when you get to the lot. Not sure this would be as easy as it sounds unless this lot operates differently from all the ones I have used. Would be interested to know as this sounds like a good way for an east coaster to get some in-n-out during a layover.

    • I use a private lot at LAX almost every time I fly and they have never once asked for a ticket. These aren’t the big outdoor lots — they’re private indoor structures for the most part, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

    • Walking is a great idea, but if you have carry-on roller boards or fly through terminals 3-4, that walk is going to be a lot more of a hassle.

  3. I’ve done it and it works. Trick #2 won’t work anymore, but it sure was fun… While living in L.A. during a prior life, I often spent weekends in S.F. Drive ratty car to airport and park BEHIND big hotel in employee lot. Walk in back door, through maze of hotel and out front door to board shuttle to terminal. Upon return, reverse process. These days, most employee lots are monitored so it likely would not work. Even in the late 70s, it saved a LOT of parking money.
    And now, back to Flying Food. I look forward to reading your Premium Economy report about Cathy. We hear a lot about their front end service and food, and a back end report will be nice. Good pix count.

  4. Have done this before. As long as you tip the driver like mentioned they don’t really mind since the bus is going back and fourth anyways.

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