Always Win the Airplane Armrest Battle with This…

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I’ll admit it: I can be a petty fool. I’m a middle child and that comes with a lot of baggage. If someone tries to cut around traffic and then merge back in front of me, I don’t let them. If there are three beers left for four people, I will feel absolutely slighted if we don’t all try to share them equally. When I’m on a plane and someone tries to (literally) elbow onto the armrest after I’ve already claimed a section, I get a little upset. That’s why I was so pleased that there’s now a product that solves the armrest issue once and for all. It’s called Create-a-Space and it does exactly that: it creates a space with a portable partition on the armrest for you and your seatmate to share the space together. Brilliant, no?

You can see it in action here in this cheesy promo:

Personally, I love the idea. That said, it definitely throws off a lot of bad juju to be carrying around a piece of equipment to separate yourself from the rest of humanity. Like the Knee Defender, this may be one flying accessory that’s better left at home. If you’re the kind of person that cares more about your elbow room than how other passengers perceive you, then click over to Amazon and pick one up for the (not-so) low price of $39.99.

Get the full story on the Create-a-Space from the company website here.

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