Best Snacks on a Plane, Redesigned Trays, and More!

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A very happy Sunday to you, my fly-and-dining friends. Another week is coming to a close and that means it’s time to wrap up the week that was in Fly&Dine.

We started with a meditation on a fairly inane list that claimed “Jet Bloat” was a fearsome problem that can only be solved with hummus and Greek yogurt in:

Are These Really the Best Snacks to Eat on Plane?

We continued on to a bit of food porn with a photo of the incredibly delicious pastrami sandwich at Wexler’s Deli in the minimalist post:

This is a photo of a sandwich.

Next, we investigated the ramifications of Virgin Atlantic’s new tray design in:

This Redesigned Food Tray Could End Up Slashing Ticket Prices

I started dreaming about the possibilities of where airplane food could eventually go with:

Top 5 Mid-Air Food Fantasies: In-Flight Salad Bars and More

Friday saw a nod to what’s going in China social media in:

#RidiculeAirPlaneFood is Trending on China’s Version of Twitter

And finally, the cruelest airport prank of all was exposed in Saturday’s post:

Airport Outlet Sticker at JFK: Cruelest Prank of All Time?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend and I can’t wait for another week of creating Fly&Dine stories for you all.


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