Airport Outlet Sticker at JFK: Cruelest Prank of All Time?

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Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. User longhorn_mic just posted this photo on Reddit:


The caption is “Some people can be so cruel. (Sticker at JFK Airport).”

It’s a STICKER! I’m dying laughing. Can you imagine the number of people who have been so overjoyed to find a completely open outlet at the terminal only to discover that it’s actually just a sticker? This is downright diabolical. Has anyone seen this in person? If you encounter it, can you please please please take a video of people trying to use it? I would be so entertained. It’s almost worth using my stockpile of AA miles to get to JFK just to track this down.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

UPDATE! If you want to buy the sticker, you can do so right here.

main photo:

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  1. Cruelest of all is the AA lounge in MIA with real, non powered outlets. It took a while to realiaze they were dead, you kind of assume you are charging.

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