Breeze Through Security at BOS With This Trick

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Who knew that buying a cup of clam chower could be so valuable? At Boston’s Logan International Airport, that cup of chowdah lets you skip the regular security line and head through the First Class line instead. Even better? It’s not just chowder that helps you out.

If you buy anything at the Legal C Bar in Terminal B (American, United, Virgin America, US Airways, Spirit, Air Canada, PenAir), they’ll mark your boarding pass with a “First Class Checkpoint Access” stamp. Instead of enduring the slow trod through the regular TSA line, you can then proceed to the easy-breezy First Class line where they’ll shower you in compliments and affection as you get through the line in 30 seconds or less*. While there are Legal Seafood outlets in every single terminal at BOS, Legal C Bar is the only one that’s outside of security and, therefore, the only one you need to care about for this trick.

So, my deal loving friends, just how little do you have to spend to get access to that magical security line? Well, the cheapest thing on the menu is a single raw oyster for $2.75. It may not fill your belly, but it should fill you with pride as you find yourself in the First Class security line for buying a bivalve. If you want something more substantial, a mug of Legal Seafood’s famous clam chowder will set you back $6.95 and guess what? The oyster crackers are free. Heck, you can even sit at the bar with a Coke and you’ll still get your stamp. It’s stampapalooza over at the Legal C Bar!

If you’ve got a real First Class ticket or TSA PreCheck privileges, this obviously isn’t going to help you much. If you’re flying out of Boston, though, and you’re short on time, this trick should help you tremendously. You’re welcome

*not guaranteed

Big thanks to traveling superstar Matt Gross for sharing this tip and the featured photo.




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