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Dunkin Donuts Rolling Out Churros (Disguised as Donut Fries)

There’s big news in the donut/doughnut/fried dough world, courtesy of the biggest name in misspelled treats: Dunkin’ Donuts. Check out this tweet: JUST IN: @DunkinDonuts confirms it is testing cinnamon dusted Donut Fries ($2) in select locations in Boston area. — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) April 6, 2018 Now, DD can call them donut fries all…

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An Ode to an Ice Cream Sundae

There’s a big difference between traveling in economy and traveling in a premium cabin. Outside of bigger, more comfortable seats and better entertainment options, the most glaring difference is the food especially on an international flight. While the plebeians in Coach are trying to get through the tiny plastic tray of chicken with rice, First…

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