Dunkin Donuts Rolling Out Churros (Disguised as Donut Fries)

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There’s big news in the donut/doughnut/fried dough world, courtesy of the biggest name in misspelled treats: Dunkin’ Donuts. Check out this tweet:

Now, DD can call them donut fries all they want, but these are churros. According to the International Doughnut Council, a group I just made up, any “fried dough formed into sticks and covered in cinnamon sugar” can be classified as a churro. I don’t care what you call them. I just want to taste them.

a bag of doughnuts with a logo

These “donut fries” are available in Boston for now, but I have to imagine they will be catching sugar-fueled fire any day now and expand to all Dunkin’ Donuts stores. Are you in Boston? Have you tasted these? I’m dying to know what they taste like. If you’ve had a chance to sample, please let me know in the comments below.

I do have a few questions about the Donut Fries:

  1. Do they come with a dipping sauce?
  2. How fresh are they fried?
  3. Can you request a completely fresh batch? Everyone knows a fresh hot churro is 1000x better than a cold churro.
  4. Did they market test “Donut Fries” and find that people preferred the name to “churro?”
  5. How long until they introduce “Stuffed Donut Fries” with vanilla and chocolate cream on the inside?

As the weekend approaches, let us all be thankful that someone somewhere convinced the big wigs at Dunkin’ Donuts to sell churros disguised as Donut Fries. No matter what you call them, they sound delicious.

All photos via @darrenrovell via Twitter

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