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St. Lucia Trip Wrap-Up

Like a quick Caribbean rainstorm in August, my St. Lucia trip coverage has now come to an end. I know — I’m sad to see it go, too. If you missed anything, check out all of my stories from the trip below. Major thanks to the St. Lucia Tourist Board for sponsoring the trip and…

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Chocolate Tourism in St. Lucia

Where do you think of when you think about chocolate? Belgium? Switzerland? Hershey, PA? These are all major capitals of chocolate production, but what about the place where the raw materials for chocolate are grown? We’re talking about tropical locations where cacao trees grow big oblong pods that eventually make their way into your mouth…

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St. Lucia Photo Tour

When the St. Lucia Tourism Board invites you to come to the Caribbean and eat chocolate, the only answer is yes. For the past five days, I’ve been saying yes, yes, yes and now that I’m home with a reliable internet connection, it’s time to take you on a photo journey with me. August is…

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