EXCLUSIVE: The Cross Grains Menu at Airports

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Cross Grains is the new airport brewpub that aims to satisfy your hipster desires for craft beer, cocktails, and artisanal food. Take a look at the menu for the Boise Airport location (BOI), which will also serve as the template for menus in Oklahoma City (OKC), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), and Charleston (CHS). To learn more about this airport brewpub, click over to the original story here. Otherwise, just have fun perusing the menu to know what to expect when you get to the airport. As these menus are pre-release, they don’t yet have prices.

15-0211 Cross Grain Menu Final15-0211 Cross Grain Menu Final2

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  1. As I waste my time writing this comment I must express how utterly disappointing Ia with not only the food but as well as the service.

    You see I am here to siting to catch my flight whIch has been delayed for me by 4 hours. The issue is that the ini I’ll delay made me miss my connecting. That’s airplane travel, no harm, no foul.

    I initially arrived two hours early. While the security line was empty it made for a long flight departure wait. I chose to spend my time and money at this place “Cross Grain Brew House” at the Wll Rogers airport in Oklahoma City. I ordered the Muskogee nachos… they do not offer beef as a selection so I got the chicken and a beer. The beer was delicious Anthem Golden One Belgian Blonde Ale. I had half of my beer drank by the time my less then warm nachos arrived. The nachos would have b en warmer if they were allow to sit in the window sill with the sun shining on them. I digress because maybe they would taste amazing.. this as not the case. After I paI’d for the delicious over priced beer and the disgusting food I went to my gate to talk to a flight worker. This was when the delay news of 4 hours came. I was provided vouchers from food and inflight services. I returned to Cross Grain because he his was the only place that services alcohol and I was ready for another tasty Anthem Golden One Belgian Blonde ale. While I was waiting for my order I saw a comfortable booth set become available. In the process of me securing the booth seat I was turned away by the server in that sectional n b cause I had already ordered with another server. This pissed me me off. I will not eating or drink st this establishment again and will share this poor customer service experience whenever I can.

  2. After arriving to Lauderdale airport to pick up our granddaughter we found out there was a four hour delay. This stressed me out terribly, the terminal we were in did not have a sit down restaurant so we walked 3 terminals over and walked into Cross Grains sat down at the bar feeling very discouraged until our server Alexander came over to us. This young guy was handling the entire place, I have a glutton allergy which he accommodated and spoke with the chef about as well which gave me great comfort. He also mixed me the best mojito ever!! I just wanted to commend this staff member Alexander for outstanding service and making our wait pleasurable , service was outstanding and food was delicious!

    • Glad you had that experience, Judi. You may want to contact the restaurant directly as this is just a blog about eating while you travel.

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