Corner Bakery Rolls Out More Locations to Airports

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Rolls out! I said “rolls out!” Because it’s a bakery. Man do I amuse myself. In any case, fast casual chain Corner Bakery Cafe just announced that they’re gearing up for “aggressive expansion” in airports according to Gary Price, President of Corner Bakery Cafe. The brand has existed at ATL for a while now and the results have been strong, so the company feels they’ve got a manifest destiny of sorts to go ahead and open up a bunch of other stores in airports around the US. No word yet on which airports, so consider this a pre-engagement announcement of sorts.

In general, I like Corner Bakery. Decent sandwiches, decent salads, decent prices. I wouldn’t say I’m excited about the announcement, but I’m not not excited, if you know what I mean.



  1. At yeast I figured that you would rise to the occasion of reporting on this breadwinning development instead of sitting on your buns.

    I apologize for commenting on Cornier Bakery as I just did, Jason…

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