Customer Service from American Airlines That I Truly Appreciate

Posted in At the Terminal

I haven’t flown on a plane in nearly two years and I miss it tremendously. The more I hear about the behavior of entitled maskholes, though, the more I’m glad I’m not dealing with it. We’re still in a pandemic. Masks work. Get used to it. In any case, Reddit user InterestWall posted a video of a passenger* getting dressed down by a gate manager at American Airlines after calling one of his employees a bitch. Based on the somewhat-hard-to-hear dialogue, it appears the woman took off her mask and was asked to put it back on. She responded by calling the gate agent a derogatory name. The manager is calm, cool, and collected and he repeated tells the woman that she won’t be flying on American Airlines after her disrespectful actions. What a breath of fresh air! Take a look for yourself:

It’s not much to ask that we treat each other with respect and dignity. Just because you purchased an airline ticket doesn’t entitle you to use degrading language with airline employees.

*I guess she’s more of a prospective passenger since she’s not allowed to actually board…