Cutest Puppy Ever Helps You Find Lost Luggage

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Lost baggage is the worst, but KLM has come up with a solution that’s both brilliant and adorable: a baggage pup. Meet Sherlock, KLM’s new beagle that sniffs lost items on planes and returns them to their rightful owner.

Now, just for the record, the photo above isn’t Sherlock. That’s Cleo Bagels, the official mascot/security guard of Fly&Dine. You can find Sherlock in the KLM video below from YouTube which gives you a full overview of Sherlock’s role at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport (AMS).

This likely isn’t the first beagle you’ve seen in the airport. They’re known for being highly-trainable, very social, and totally cute. That’s why US Customs and Border Patrol uses them to sniff out smugglers. Just try sneaking a salami back from Italy when one of those furry little detectives is around. It’s not going to happen. In that situation, though, they’re making your day worse while Sherlock makes everyone’s day better. I applaud KLM for this innovative thinking and can’t wait to fly KLM through AMS to see Sherlock in person. I might just leave my phone behind on purpose to see that little guy in action!



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