Do. Slovenia. Follow a Dirt Path in Vintgar Gorge to Lake Bled.

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What: Vintgar Gorge to Lake Bled

Where: Soteska Vintgar, Slovenia

What makes it special

Around the river and through the woods (and two Slovenian ski towns), to Lake Bled you should go. Vintgar Gorge (also known as Bled Gorge) is a 1.6 kilometer gorge in northwestern Slovenia. Up for a little adventure? This journey is right up your alley. Begin on a dirt path that leads you to beautiful wooden bridges lining the Gorge. At every turn, you’ll be discovering crystal clear waters and waterfalls so make sure to bring your phone for some jealous-making photo action. Your trek allows you to enjoy the views from Bled Castle, a swim in Lake Bled, a jaunt around Bled Island, or even a mini-aquatic tour on board a row boat. It all feels very Brothers Grimm, but you’ll (probably) not be eaten by a forest monster or shape shifting witch.

In your own words

Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. After two miles on a dirt path, you reach a fork in the road where you can either turn around or keep walking to Bled. I suggest you keep walking! We took a row boat to a small island in the middle of the lake with a beautiful church. It’s the best way to see the entire lake!”

Recommended by: Halli Sigel. Favorite place to visit: Italy. Loves it so much, she has pasta tattoo’d on her arm!

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