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Attention! Attention! Dosh, the app that I regularly crow about, is offering double cash back from now until September 24th for nearby offers. That means the free money you normally get just by registering your credit card is now double free money.

So if they’re already giving out free cash, why would they need to double it? Well, the easy answer is that they’re celebrating $100,000 in Dosh earned by Doshers. To mark the occasion, they’re giving out even more cash. Normally Dosh is like going to a birthday party and being given a present just for showing up. Now you’re getting TWO presents (surprise, they’re both cash).

This is what it looks like: 
a screenshot of a food and drink menu
Think about it: Fogo de Chao is normally like $50-$60 per person depending on where you live. If you go this weekend (get in before 11:59pm on 9/24), you’re probably spending at least $100. Use a card registered with Dosh and boom! That’s at least $14 back in your pocket without lifting a finger.

The deal gets even better if you’re a fan of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Dosh-registered cards net you a full 20% back on your entire purchase. Now here’s where it gets really interesting… Most deals, offers, etc. don’t let you stack, meaning you can’t use a 10% off coupon and a 15% off coupon to create a 25% off coupon. But Dosh isn’t just any old deal. Since the refund gets handled through the credit card processing and not through the restaurant, you can theoretically get yourself multiple discounts. Follow along, folks.

Let’s say you’ve got a 10% coupon for Dickey’s. You go in, order your BBQ, get your 10% off and everyone’s happy, right? Except if you do all of that AND use a Dosh-linked card, you’re going to get an additional 20% off this weekend. You’re going to get close to 30% your whole order! That’s incredible!

The moral of the story is: register your cards with Dosh immediately and take advantage of the double Dosh back this weekend to get a whole lot of savings for almost zero effort. Sound good? You bet it does. Dosh away!


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