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One of the joys of Dosh is the immediacy of getting your cash back. In fact, this month the fine people at Dosh are encouraging us to spread the love of #DoshNow, a hashtag that identifies the exact moment you get your free cash back. In previous Dosh posts, I’ve talked about how amazing it is to give your credit card to a server at a restaurant and have a notification about your free Dosh back before you even sign the credit card slip. I was prepared to write about that moment while shopping at their brand new merchant, Cost Plus World Market, but I hit a snag. Allow me to explain…

Sign up for Dosh now and get free money for doing nothing!

I was so excited when Dosh announced that in-store purchases at Cost Plus World Market would net 2% of my purchase back, just for using a credit card linked in my Dosh account. I just moved into a new house and needed a lamp, so I knew exactly where to go for my lighting needs with a big ol’ pile of Dosh back. I headed to Cost Plus World Market, found the perfect lamp, paid for it with my credit card and then… nothing. What gives?

Since Dosh is still in its infancy, the whole system isn’t perfect yet. That’s okay, because I’m still getting free money. Instead of stewing about it, I just wrote a simple email to Dosh support explaining my predicament. They got back to me within 12 hours and it was great to see such quick response. All I had to do was provide them with a photo of my receipt and the Dosh Detectives started looking into the problem.

Now, I’m not the only person who’s ever had an issue getting their Dosh to auto-magically appear so the resolution didn’t come immediately, but this morning I was so happy to see that the Dosh I was owed was deposited right into my account. Check out the video they sent to let me know about it!

You may notice that the amount was only for $.98, which isn’t going to help all that much with my brand new mortgage. That said, it’s $1 I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and over time, those dollars are really going to add up. That’s what I love about Dosh. It’s like having a friend walk by on the street and slip a dollar into your pocket every time they see you.

My Dosh may not have come immediately like it was supposed to, but I’m happy to deal with some bumps as they figure out all of the kinks. It’s great that they’re adding new merchants like Cost Plus World Market to their roster and I can’t stop telling people about the app. If you like saving money for doing nothing more than registering a credit card (just one time!), then I highly recommend downloading Dosh and creating your account. After all, who doesn’t love a little free money?

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