Famous Chefs Pick Best Airport Restaurants, Boston Security Tricks, & More

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I’ve never been on the receiving end of an NPR pledge drive before, but after being mentioned in a story on NPR’s excellent “The Salt” food blog this week, I saw a giant leap in visitors to Fly&Dine. I wish I had tote bags to give to all of you as thanks for checking out the site. Sadly, I do not. What I do have is links. Lots and lots of links for you to peruse in case you missed anything on Fly&Dine over the past week.

As we do each Sunday here at the Fly&Dine Flight Control Tower, here’s the week that was:

When is the Best Time to Drive From Vegas to LA?


Breeze Through Security at BOS With This Trick


How Grocery Stores are Turning Airports Into Pick-Up Locations


Cutest Puppy Ever Helps You Find Lost Luggage


UPDATE! KLM Dog Story is a LIE!


14 Major Chefs Pick The Best Airport Restaurants Around the World


Airport Restaurant Month Coming in October


Sample Airport Restaurant Week Menus


Buffet Review: SLS Buffet in Las Vegas

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