My Favorite Airport Lounge Amenity This Year

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If you’ve arrived here looking for a write-up of free massages or in-lounge accountants doing your taxes for free or something, you’re about to be sorely disappointed. I was just in Madrid — oh, hey TONS OF MADRID STORIES — and found a new little friend in Iberia’s SaliDali Lounge at MAD. Judging by the photo above, it looks like a giant bottle of vinaigrette, but in reality, it’s teeny tiny. See for yourself:

IMG_7927 - Version 2

That, my friends, is a 15mL (.52 fl. oz.) bottle of LA organic extra virgin olive oil with Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar. You can use it for you salad, for bread, for weird shots — whatever you like, really. They’re the Spanish equivalent of those tiny Tabasco bottles you get from room service. I’m not always a sucker for miniature things, but this little guy was just adorable.

You can keep your lounge showers with fancy spa products. All I want is more tiny bottles of things.

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