Fly&Dine Comes to Chicago Magazine!

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Growing up, my parents always had a copy of Chicago Magazine on the family room coffee table. As of this moment, I can proudly say I’ve made it (at least in terms of the Kessler family magazine library). My work has been featured before in a variety of places (not Variety, though) like The New York Times, Esquire, and and it’s always a thrill. As Fly&Dine, I’ve been interviewed by the likes of NPR and written stories for Details and The Points Guy, but this may be the most meaningful interview I’ve ever done. Now, the good name of Fly&Dine will be on coffee tables all over Chicagoland and that brings a smile to my Fly&Dining face.

To share in my joy, go ahead and click over to the Chicago Magazine story here or pick up the print issue (it’s the June 2015 one) at your local newsstand — assuming they carry Chicago Magazine.


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