Fly&Dine Giveaway Interview: Points, Miles, & Martinis

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Welcome to the very first Fly&Dine Giveaway Interview! One lucky reader is going to win a $50 gift card to Starbucks, so you can get a massive java jolt before your next flight.


Here’s how it works: I interview a fellow blogger from the BoardingArea Network for valuable tips on eating and drinking while traveling. You read the interview, learn some stuff, then enter the giveaway by joining in the fun and answering the designated question of the week in the comments and then tweeting about it (if you use Twitter). Winners will be chosen using the random number generator at


First up is The Weekly Flyer from Points, Miles, & Martinis. This anonymous frequent flyer shares insightful travel tips and fantastic deals on his blog and took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to share some of his traveling experience with us here at Fly&Dine. Please welcome The Weekly Flyer!


As a business traveler, what’s the hardest thing about eating on the road?

Resisting the urge to eat what is right in front of you. That’s why when I’m in the airport, I try to stop by one of my favorite restaurants in the airport like One Flew South or a quiet place for lunch.


Do you order a lot of room service? What do you generally look for on a room service menu?

Typically no. But there are projects and trips where there is no reasonable alternative option. When you get back to the hotel after a long day around 11pm or later, you’re sometimes left with the all night menu, which doesn’t always have the best selection. I try to always go with a grilled chicken and veggies – it’s hard to mess that up, but it’s possible. Basically I try to stay away from carbs on the room service menu.


Since martinis are part of your blog’s name, let’s talk about them. Do you drink in the air?

Funny you ask. Why yes, I drink in the air, usually every week on the flight home. I like to enjoy myself and a cocktail at 30,000 feet is a great way to do that. I usually grab a free drink using the “Have One On Us” coupons from Delta or in First Class from a complimentary upgrade. If I order a full-on cocktail at 30,000 feet, it is definitely a Woodford on the rocks, but a Delta Nonstop would be a close second.


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What’s your favorite airport to fly through in terms of food? Why?

Atlanta. Sushi at One Flew South and a nice wine pour from the lovely bar tenders is hard to beat.


Like most points/miles bloggers, you cover a lot of deals. What’s the best food or drink deal you’ve ever come across? What makes something a good deal to you?

A good deal is one that allows me to have fun or earn a ton of points and miles to take a trip to have fun. Best deal? Easily the 40 Delta miles per dollar at SpaFinder a few years ago. But best food or drink deal? Has to be the Delta SkyBonus offers that allowed me to get 30 free drink certificates 🙂 I’m still enjoying that one.


Thank you so much for participating this week, Weekly Flyer!


Now it’s your turn to have some fun. It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Starbucks to one lucky reader. All you have to do is answer this week’s designated question in the comments below:


“What do you like to drink in the air?â€


Put your answer in the comments right here on this page along with your Twitter handle and tweet this to your followers: “I just entered @FlyDine’s giveaway for $50 to Starbucks! RT and enter here to win:â€


One entry per person. No purchase necessary. In fact, there’s nothing to purchase. Contest closes at 12:01am Pacific on 2/12/2014. Winner announced on Wednesday!




  1. It used to be coca cola but I’ve learned to stay away from sodas in high altitude it’s dehydrating and the caffeine ruins your sleep. I usually stick with water or tomato juice

  2. If it’s a short flight, a water and an orange juice. If it’s a longer flight or I’ve been working too much, then I order a screwdriver

  3. Red wine…Bacardi/diet…Jack Daniels on the rocks…(one of these). Guess I don’t read very well… :-D…looks like I’m too late and forgot my twitter handle 😛 (tmartazu)

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