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It’s the third Fly&Dine Interview Giveaway and this time we’re talking to Scott from Hack My Trip. His site is an incredible resource for anyone in the frequent flyer game and make sure to check out his tips and tricks for getting the most out of your miles and points.

If you want to win a $50 gift card to The Counter (and who doesn’t?!!), read all the way through so you can answer this week’s Giveaway Question in the comments. Details about entering can be found after the interview.

Take it away, Scott!


You just took a major honeymoon trip to Asia a few months back. What was the best meal of your entire honeymoon?

Oddly enough, it was an extremely spicy dish with prawns and rice in a Bangkok shopping mall. (Only THB 89!) No one in the restaurant spoke English, and the menus weren’t detailed, so I just pointed at one of the specials. Mind you I can’t tolerate more than a little spicy food, and this was off the charts! I was actually crying. But it was so good I went back for lunch the next day and ordered it again.


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had on an airplane?

It’s hard to beat first class on Singapore Airlines. My wife and I were lucky to book an award using our United miles two years ago, shortly after I completed my PhD. There was caviar, Dom Perignon, lobster thermidor, etc. I remember my wife and the flight attendant ganging up on me when I tried to pass on the salad — too much food! But really, any flight with Singapore in first or business class is pretty good. Great service improves my mood, and I want to be happy when I eat.


Do you have a go-to snack or meal when you’re in an airport? What is it?

I generally don’t eat snacks unless they’re amazing. Eating just because there’s food in front of me means I don’t have the appetite when something better comes along. But I will have a gin-and-tonic if I have lounge access. It’s simple enough that they can’t screw it up. When I’m someplace nice, like an international business or first class lounge, then I upgrade to Champagne or a glass of Scotch.


Best hotel you’ve ever eaten at? What made it memorable?

It’s difficult for me to decide on a favorite hotel for dining. The St. Regis Bali has one of the best breakfasts, and my readers know I love breakfast. But the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong wins the prize for best hotel dining experience overall. Their Grand Club is almost as good at breakfast and has one of the best views you could ask for. Then, in addition to several restaurants, there’s the Tiffin Lounge for afternoon tea and a dinner buffet that includes an entire tray of seared foie gras.


What’s the absolutely worst food you’ve ever seen or been served during a flight?

That’s easy! United serves a so-called hamburger on several of their lunch and dinner flights. If you’re lucky, they won’t overcook it. But usually the bun is almost as hard as a brick and the patty with its sticky cheese has been moved to the side. Is it for presentation? I don’t know, but I do know that it’s a mess to put back together.


Thanks so much, Scott. I hope you find the breakfast of your dreams on your next trip. Now it’s giveaway time!

Have you ever eaten at The Counter? It’s incredible. They offer a customizable burger experience that you just can’t get at most restaurants. I started going years ago when it was just a single location and I’m astounded by how much they’ve grown. In addition to locations all over the world, they have two airport locations in San Diego (SAN) and Miami (MIA). Instead of grabbing the same ol’ grab-and-go Caesar salad that was made three days ago, order up a burger (or some AMAZING pickle chips) from The Counter before your flight instead. Do I seem extra effusive? It may be because the fine folks at The Counter are sponsoring this giveaway by generously offering up a $50 gift card to one random winner.

Giveway Question: What’s your favorite way to top your burger? All you need to do is leave a comment with your favorite burger topping (or toppings!).

For Twitter users, make sure to tweet about your entry by copy-and-tweeting this: “I just entered @FlyDine’s giveaway for $50 to @CounterBurger. RT and enter here for your chance to win!”

One entry per person. No purchase necessary. In fact, there’s nothing to purchase. By entering, you agree that you’re cool with the fact that Fly&Dine makes all the decisions and those decisions are final, even if you don’t like them. Contest closes at 11:59pm Pacific on Friday 3/7/2014. Winner will be contacted via email. Please provide a valid email address when leaving your comment.



  1. Bring on the napkins. I favor having caramelized onions, guacamole, lettuce, ketchup, pickles, mayo and of course cheese. Yum yum.

  2. just pickles, lettuce, tomato and special sauce – nothing too fancy!! gotta let the burger taste shine through!

  3. I’m kind of boring…I just like mustard, ketchup, pickles and lots of onions! If it has cheese, then I like Pepper Jack.

  4. The Dork Burger at Lunchbox Laboratory with the Tear Jerker toppings (but no cheese): Onions, Jalapenos, Habanero Mayo, and Satan’s Tears Ketchup

  5. Mmmm, a sweet hot horseradish sauce/mustard.

    (Thanks for this post. I hadn’t heard of The Counter. Next time I’m Caltrain-ing to SFO and have the time, I want to stop into the Palo Alto location.)

  6. Cooked burger at minimum 700 degrees completely sear outside, rare inside topped extra 4 strips crispy bacon, medium sunny side up egg don’t forget oodles and oodles of cheddar cheese beneath along with, real mayo, spicy mustard and catsup, leaf lettuce, Notta on the sweet pickles – kosher dill for sure more cheese, toasted buns..smash that badboy down a bit – you have a runny piece of Heaven – OMG :)~

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