Fantasy Travel Week on Food Republic

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Do you read Food Republic? I do. I also happen to write for them quite a bit (check out my Kessler Report column here). Most weeks, the site features great food content geared towards dudes (bacon, whisky, sports, souffles) but this week, they’ve been doing Fantasy Travel Week and it’s pretty fantastic, although I think the name is pretty dumb. (When I read “Fantasy Travel Week,” I expect all the stories to be about Narnia.) If you’re looking for info on the design of Air France’s new servingware or craft beer travel or the best culinary hotels in Europe, head over to Food Republic and check it out. You may even like my article from earlier in the week “5 Reasons to Believe Airline Food is Actually Getting Much Better,” although if you’re a regular reader of Fly&Dine, then you probably already know everything in the article.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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