Fly&Dine Photo Tour: Madrid Day One

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It’s 1am in Madrid right now. I’ve gotten roughly four hours of sleep over the past 30 hours. On the flip side, I just spent an amazing day in Spain and I want you to experience the trip with me, at least in photo-form. I’ve got a little bit of food, a little bit of architecture, and a whole lot of Spanish charm so get your fingers on your trackpad/mouse/whatever you use to scroll and viaje conmigo (travel with me) through the first day of my trip through Madrid!

Let’s start with a tour through the Mercado de San Miguel, an incredible compendium of food stalls that fills to the brim with tourists learning how to eat like Spaniards with tapas, bocadillos, and jamon everywhere the eye can see:


FYI: That’s €11.55 ($14.71) worth of jamon iberico de bellota in a cone. I ate it all for lunch.

IMG_7683 IMG_7688 IMG_7687 IMG_7686 IMG_7684

Now, let’s get some churros for dessert at the legendary Chocolateria San Gimas:


A quick stop in a tiny bar and market along the way to check out the jamon legs hanging on the wall…


And some incredible Madrid architecture to finish it off:

IMG_7710 IMG_7713 IMG_7711

The photo at the very top of the post, by the way, is a statute between the Plaza de Oriente and the sprawling Royal Palace.

That’s it for Day One of my Madrid Tour. I’ll have more great photos to share as the trip goes on.


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