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I’m in Vegas for the weekend at BACon along with the majority of other BoardingArea bloggers, so I’ll keep this short as our day of learning starts fairly soon. I came across this article via a friend (thanks, Jon!) and it fits so perfectly into the Fly&Dine canon that I had to tell you about it.

LSG SkyChefs, one of the biggest names in the airline catering industry, has partnered with an online food delivery service in Germany called for Air Food One (note: site is in German, so either know German, learn German, or use Chrome for their automatic translation). What is Air Food One? It’s the only way out there to get an airline meal delivered directly to your door. Here’s the FAQ.

Now, I understand that most are asking yourselves, “Who in their right minds would want to pretend like they’re eating on an airplane while they’re on the ground?” The answer? Probably more people than you think. The prepared meal industry is blowing up right now. For the first time since records were kept, there are more singles in America than married people. I don’t have hard data to back this up, but in my own experience as a single dude, I’m much more likely to eat take-out or heat up a prepared (read: frozen) meal than cooking for myself. In fact, there are all kinds of services these days that will deliver complete meals directly to your home to save you the hassle of cooking.

Instead of ordering a meal from a restaurant and hoping it’ll stay the appropriate temperature, Air Food One delivers food that was freshly made and you can eat it within 24 hours or freeze it to eat later. All of the menus match what’s being served on LSG-catered business class flights and you can choose between a meat-based meal (9.99 euros) or a vegetarian option (10.99 euros).

Here’s a link to the current menus.

I don’t think this is a bad idea at all. In fact, compared to a frozen Lean Cuisine or something, this would be a much better option.

Would you eat an airline meal at home? Tell me in the comments.

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