Greatest Hits: 6 Costco Products That Are Better Than Name-Brand

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On this Memorial Day, let us remember the fallen heroes among us. Let us also remember the best way to barbeque for the holiday, which may or may not include a trip to Costco to stock up for the big cook-out. Check out this post from the annals of Fly&Dine history to see what you should be picking up from Costco today.

You’re either a Costco person or you’re not. If you’re a Costco person, then you know the joy you feel when you walk into the warehouse and sense the massive deals you’re about to get. You marvel at the value of Costco products — all under the Kirkland Signature label — and eagerly stock up on gallons of olive oil and six-packs of USDA Prime ribeye. If you’re not a Costco person, there’s a good chance you don’t feel joy at all. Perhaps you should get that checked out?

The fine folks at Consumer Reports have released a list of ways to spot the best deals at Costco and part of that list shines a light on the Costco products that match up well against their name-brand competition. The next time you head to the Big Box, consider grabbing these Kirkland Signature products instead of their more expensive counterparts.






Do you have a bacon brand that you prefer? I generally go with the bacon at Trader Joe’s, but the Kirkland Signature bacon scored so highly on the Consumer Reports testing that I may be changing my bacon buying soon. CR also notes that it’s roughly $1.50 less per pound than most well-known brands, so you’re saving money AND getting better bacon. Score one for Costco.




If you always need to have fresh batteries in your TV remote for fear of not being able to change the channel when CSI: Spokane comes on, fear no more. Costco’s AA alkalines are tops according to Consumer Reports: “They were judged excellent overall in our tests and cost just 27 cents per battery.” For a little more than a quarter, you’ll never have to worry that your, ahem, *back massager* will run out of batteries again. If you’re hooked on Duracell, Costco carries those, too, and they’re just a little more than the Kirkland brand.


Organic Chicken Stock

chicken stock

The best cooks among us make their own chicken stock, but for those of us who do other important things (like writing lists of Costco products you should buy), there’s pre-made stock. Fans of organics will be happy to know that the Kirkland Signature brand is half the price of its competitors and packs all of the same flavor. It’s $12 for a six-pack of 32oz. cartons, meaning you’re getting your stock on for about six cents an ounce. You’re saving massive bucks on these clucks!




Tight with Tide? Cool with Cascade? Not anymore. Kirkland Signature versions of both laundry and dishwasher detergent are cheaper than their name-brand competitors. Here’s what Consumer Reports says:

Some Kirkland detergents kept pace in our tests with name-brand detergents that cost two and three times as much. If you use liquid detergent, try the Kirkland Signature Free & Clear, 11 cents per load. It was tough on grass, blood, and ring-around-the-collar in our tests (though not quite as effective overall as the top-rated Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release, 25 cents per load.) The Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs, 15 cents per load, also vanquished all three stains, and it closely rivaled the Tide Pods.

For your dishwasher, the Kirkland Signature Dishwasher Pacs, 9 cents per load, were very good at cleaning items with caked-on and baked-on macaroni and cheese. Compare the Kirkland pacs with our top-rated Cascade Complete ActionPacs, which cost 29 cents per load.



Kirkland is just as good as Hellmann’s/Best Foods in CR testing and at 60% of the cost, it’s a no-brainer to switch your mayo to the Costco varierty. Sing it with me: “Bring out the Costco and bring out the… other stuff you bought because you saved a ton of money on your mayo purchase.”


Prescription Medicine


I’m not entirely sure if Costco labels their prescription medicine as Kirkland Signature or not, but I do know that Costco prescriptions are incredibly cheap. I also know that the Costco Pharmacy is available to EVERYONE, whether you’re a Costco member or not. This site has a price comparison chart between Costco, Walmart, and Target and the Costco drugs are all significantly cheaper. Next time I’m picking up my party pack of deodorants, I’ll have to grab some discount Flonase, too.

What else do you buy at Costco that’s better than the name-brand alternative? I want to hear about your favorite Kirkland Signature products in the comments.

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