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When $.13 Means So Much More

this is a sponsored post For the past year, I’ve been telling you about DOSH. It’s the cash-back app that gives you free money every time you use a linked credit card. Pretty much the “set it and forget it” version of the money-saving apps on the market. Anyway, I wanted to share my most…

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You’ve Been Using Escalators Wrong

After discovering this news, I’m like 95% sure that my entire world is shattered. Get ready because I’m about to shatter yours, too. You know how you’re supposed to stand on the right and walk on the left when you’re on an escalator? Apparently that’s completely wrong, according to the head of DC’s Metro system.…

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Is This the Best Paleo Traveling Snack?

Fly&Dine started as a blog about food while you travel and I mostly covered meals, but every now and then I’d post a story about the unsung hero of traveling: snacks. This is kind of backwards, because while meals are definitely important, I’d say most of my travel days (by air, at least) focus much more…

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In Defense of the Bidet

If you’ve ever traveled to Asia, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the glory of the bidet. I used a bidet for the first time a few years back and I’m hooked. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought one for my home toilet. I even bought one for my dad. My review:…

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More Than Just Miles

You know the latest sign-up bonuses for Chase and American Express off the top of your head. You can calculate the monetary value of an AAdvantage mile and convert it into Avios within seconds. You have status on three different airlines, one of which you’ve never even flown. But what is it all for? Being a…

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