Hotel Makes Best Do-Not-Disturb Sign Ever for Duke

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I don’t know how the other teams in the Final Four feel about this, but the Duke Men’s Basketball Team is sleeping comfortably knowing the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre* they’re staying at has their backs.

The official account of the team posted this tweet earlier this morning:

It may be premature to call the Blue Devils champions of anything — they didn’t even win their conference tournament — but it’s a nice gesture for sure.

*How do I know it’s the Sheraton? I did my homework, folks. First, I watched a video of the team bus arriving at the hotel. Based on the buildings in the background, I used Google Maps to triangulate the hotel. Then I called the hotel to see if they were selling the Do Not Disturb tags and while the front desk clerk wasn’t sure about that, she did confirm that Duke has a whole merchandise booth set up in the lobby. You can call me Detective Fly&Dine from now on.

Photo via @dukeblueplanet on Twitter


  1. Technically they are the “NCAA East Regional Champions”, so they can legitimately be referred to as “champions” at this point.

    Hopefully this is as far as they make it though… Go Green!

    • I mean, *technically* they’re the champion of every game they won this season, but I think it’s a stretch no matter what. Go U Northwestern!

      • Yes, but they got fancy “Regional Champion” t-shirts and hats for winning the East Region. It’s a great marketing opportunity for NCAA licensed products 🙂

  2. While I agree it’s premature to use that sign right now for this Final Four, hopefully it’ll be legitimate Monday night. Then I really want that do-not-disturb sign. Go Duke!

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