Is the Genius In-N-Out Burger Trick DEAD???

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Less than a week after reporting about a new In-N-Out near LAX, the golden goose may be dead. Surely you’ve read the Genius In-N-Out Burger Trick by now, which means you’re fully aware of how to get to In-N-Out during your LAX layover for free. That literal free ride may be going away very soon.

According to reader goheerow (who’s definitely my hee-row after sharing this info), the Parking Spot has gotten wise to the burger freeloaders and they’re fighting back with a more stringent system to eliminate the riff-raff from their shuttles. Take a look at the email the Parking Spot is sending out to its loyal customers:

Important Information: New Pick-Up Procedures at LAX

Dear goheerow,

We have some new procedures to share with you at The Parking Spot Century and The Parking Spot Sepulveda at LAX.
Over the past few months, we have noticed more and more people who are not parked at The Parking Spot riding our shuttles to and from the airport grounds. Because these non-customers did not park with us, they are taking seats on our shuttles from you, our guests.

In an effort to improve your experience and to make sure that only guests of The Parking Spot are using our shuttles, we have adjusted our pick-up procedure. Starting next Monday, May 4th, 2015, please have either your Spot Club card or the ticket you pulled at entrance handy to show the shuttle driver when you return back home from your trip. Either of these items will act as your “shuttle boarding pass.”

To help create an easy transition for you over the next couple months, our drivers will also be able to provide you with a “boarding pass” if you forget your ticket or Spot Club card in your vehicle after parking.

Thank you for your cooperation as we implement these new procedures to help improve our shuttle service!

It’s been a nice ride, folks, but it appears that the trick is dead. Or is it…

Like many things in life, there are workarounds here. How can you still get a free ride to In-N-Out? Try these tactics:

Sign Up for a Spot Club Card

Loyalty programs are a huge part of the frequent flyer world and the Parking Spot calls their program “The Spot Club.” Joining is as easy as filling out this web form. You don’t need to use the Parking Spot to be a Spot Club member and all you need to get on their shuttle is a card. Sign up for the card and you’ve just guaranteed yourself a ticket to Double-Double City every time you fly through LAX — assuming you remember to bring your card.


The shuttle drivers are people just like you and I. A few bucks may be able to persuade them to give you a ride even if you don’t have the requisite “boarding pass.”

Use Uber

While Uber hasn’t been able to play well with others, the city of LA just announced that they’re opening up LAX to ride share services this summer. Instead of hopping on a parking shuttle, pay the $4 (minimum fare) to get a direct ride to In-N-Out without taking advantage of someone else’s service.

There are definitely ways to get around these new Parking Spot restrictions. Are they ethical? That’s up to you. I’m merely here to start the discussion.



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  1. And of course you can still work off your double double animal-style: walking takes about 15 minutes each way…

    • While technically true (YMMV depending on your arrival terminal), the airport isn’t exactly set up for pedestrians. If you choose to walk, it may not be the safest option. You also may not want to drag your carry-on with you. That said, it’s certainly close enough for walking.

  2. Seems pretty low to scam a ride to a burger joint on a parking shuttle when you didn’t bother to park there.

    But then again, I guess there are some folks who have no shame and if there is some benefit to scamming, then scamming it is.

  3. Hey, I just did this yesterday. From the airport no ticket was required or even questioned about. From the Parking, It was indeed requested. I’m still looking for it in my bag 😉 The lady driver made it very clear that it is indeed a new policy and that everyone should have their ticket. At the end she let us all in probably because she could not imagine that someone in a Parking garage with a carry on could not be there for a reason other than self parking his/her car.
    I do think that instead of forbidding a ride in a shuttle that is doing the route anyway. They should charge $1 or $2 for costumers without ticket. Its a win win!.
    Btw. Burgers ar good, but the plane spotting is AMAZING!

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