JetBlue is Growing WHAT at JFK?!?

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“Farm-to-table” may go down as the biggest food trend of the past decade. People started caring a lot more about where their food came from and restaurants responded by including lists of farms and other purveyors on their menus. Airlines, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care. After all, they have a captive group of hungry people and they’re going to serve whatever the heck they want — freshness be damned.

While some airlines do try to offer food that fits in with the trends happening on the ground — hi, Virgin America’s artisanal ice cream! — most seem content to keep things status quo. Not JetBlue. JetBlue already redefined what a first class meal could be with their Mint product and now they’re going a step further by actually GROWING THE FOOD THEY’RE GOING TO SELL.

On Thursday Oct. 8th, JetBlue is revealing the T5 Farm, an actual, working farm (er, large garden) at JFK. There, they’ll grow the blue potatoes for their signature Terra Blues potato chips along with 2,000 herbs and plants. Expect arugula, beets, basil, and more to come from the same hallowed ground where you can buy Beats headphones out of a Best Buy automated kiosk.

According to the press release:

This refreshing green space will not only provide a bit of nature at the airport for customers and crewmembers, it will eventually serve as an agricultural education resource for the community and will help the airport become more self-sufficient by providing herbs and produce  to restaurants in T5. The T5 Farm will help travelers to learn more about the journey of blue potatoes and ingredients from ground to air and add a natural green space to the airport experience.

First, they offered up the first in-terminal outside airport park in T5 this summer and now they’re debuting a farm? JetBlue is clearly leading the way when it comes to transforming past notions of what a terminal can be into something much, much better.

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  1. Think of the toxin levels in the food JetBlue will be growing at JFK? The amount of jetfuel there is disgusting. The food will be laden with crap like benzyne. Yuck.

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