LeBron Poll Results are IN! Who’s Your Favorite Frequent Flyer Program?

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On Saturday, I launched a poll to find out who would win the title of favorite current frequent flyer program. Framed under the question “Who’s the LeBron of Frequent Flyer Programs?,” I wanted to get a sense of where all the FF programs stood after major changes from the biggest carriers. From the beginning, the winner started to take shape and after four days of voting, the results are in. So who’s the consensus favorite right now? Check the chart.

LeBron Poll

With 31% of the vote, the winner is American Airlines and their AAdvantage program! While I remained a neutral party during the process, I’m happy to report that AAdvantage would have been my choice as well. Congratulations to American Airlines and perhaps this will spur the other airlines to focus more on rewarding their passengers for their loyalty.

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