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I used to love Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books when I was a kid. They were like literary hedge mazes that would bring me to the brink of disaster (why was a Yeti always trying to eat me?) and allow me to go back and make a new choice to save my own life and keep the story going. In that spirit, I offer you the Fly&Dine Amazon Choose-Your-Own-Adventure System for finding a new luggage set.

While I’d love to have some sort of algorithm to do this the right way and send you through a series of fancy screens with graphics and whatnot, the BoardingArea technical team is far too busy working on a redesign of someone else’s site (as they often are…), so this won’t be nearly as exciting as the books. Instead, I’m going to try to help you pick your next luggage set based on a few factors. Choose your answer to each question (A, B, C, etc.), then find out what your answers mean to discover your perfect luggage set and click on over to Amazon and buy it at a super low price. I do most of my luggage buying at Amazon because their regular prices always seem to be lower than even the sale prices at their competitors. Anyway, let’s give this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure thing a shot.



Question 1

You go on a company retreat to Hawaii. You forget to pack something important. Is it:

A. Toothpaste

B. Your Speedo/tiny bikini

C. Tylenol to fight off those massive hangovers you’re getting from drinking eight Mai Tais a night

D. Your dignity



Question 2

Your plane gets diverted to Tucson after a storm in Phoenix. When you get to the gate, you find out you’re going to be stuck there until the following morning. What do you do?

A. Accept it and try to find a comfortable patch of carpet until the morning

B. Sprint to the rental car place so you can charm the sales people into giving you their last Chrysler 200

C. Turn the night into your own version of Home Alone: Airport Edition (the TSA are the burglars)

D. Sneak back onto the plane and try to fly it to Phoenix yourself



Question 3

You left the house without breakfast and you’ve got a six hour cross-country flight that leaves really soon. When you get to the airport, you:

A. Immediately buy a granola bar and a package of raw almonds

B. Find someone throwing away the last slices of their breakfast pizza and convince them to give it to you instead

C. Sit down to an enormous breakfast and miss your flight because, hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day

D. Scream until somebody gives you a smoothie

Okay! Quiz is over! Now it’s time for the fun part: finding out how you did.

If you answered…

All/Mostly A: You like to play it safe. You’re pragmatic and calculating with a strong aversion to risk. You want something sensible and functional. That’s why you’re buying this Samsonite Fiero Spinner set. It has three pieces of hardsided luggage so your stuff will be well protected as you travel and the wheels make it easy to glide along airport floors. The set is one of the highest rated on Amazon, so if you trust your fellow man, this is the set for you.

All/Mostly B: People describe you as “fun,” but they might really mean “crazy.” You love a good bargain and finding deals is a major hobby of yours. That’s why you’re buying this American Tourister Color Your World set. It’s got two pieces (a shopper and a spinner) and vibrant fabric that stands out in a crowd — just like you.

All/Mostly C: If you really think about it, you may realize that you don’t always make the best decisions. That’s okay. You’re happy and that’s all that matters. That’s why you’re buying this Diane Von Furstenberg Saluti Hardside Set. Do you need luggage designed by a superstar designer? No. Not really. Do you want it, though? You sure do. As they say on Parks and Recreation, “treat yo’self.”

All/Mostly D: You don’t need luggage, you need a therapist. Forget the awesome luggage sets. Try these self help books instead.


If you answered an even split of multiple letters, go ahead and pick which one you think fits you best. Now go out and travel, you crazy kids!

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