New Airport Service Lets You Skip the Line

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AirGrub3You’ve got thirty minutes to make it from Terminal A to Terminal D. There’s a SkyTrain, a giant tour group of Broadway-loving senior citizens, and roughly four million courtesy carts standing between you and your next flight. If that wasn’t bad enough, you haven’t eaten for eight hours and your next flight won’t have anything more than a cup full of ice for you to chew on. What do you do?

The easy answer? Cry about it. The smart answer (assuming you’re at SFO)? Use AirGrub. It’s a brand new service that promises to let you order meals, pay, and arrange for pick-up all on your phone. While you’re taxiing to the gate, you could fire up the AirGrub app and take care of your entire meal so that it’s ready and waiting for you — as long as you can get past those senior Lion King lovers.

The service is only available in San Francisco right now and only at restaurant outlets operated by Tastes on the Fly. That means AirGrub users can only order from Perry’s (Terminal 1), Napa Farms Market (Terminal 2), or Yankee Pier (Terminal 3) but it’s just the beginning. The company plans to roll out to more restaurants and airports in the next few months.

For such a time-dependent industry, I’m excited to see start-ups come in and work on solutions to give you more time at the airport. Whether or not AirGrub finds success will depend largely on how many airports/concessionaires they can sign up but I think this is a great development in the Fly&Dining world. What do you think?



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