Qantas Gives Premium Economy Diners the Freedom of Choice

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If you’re not flying in a premium cabin, odds are against you in the war over in-flight dining. Most carriers only give the big ticket passengers the option to choose their own meal ahead of time, but Qantas is changing the game a bit. Their “Select on Q-Eat” program now covers Premium Economy travelers on select international flights to Australia and coming soon, even the regular joes in International Economy will have the pleasure of choosing their flight meal up to seven days in advance of their journey. Right now, if you’re flying from Dallas or LA to the land down under in Premium Economy, you no longer have to suffer the indignity of guessing what the mystery chicken or fish is going to be. As the Aussies say, “good on ya, Qantas.”

Also, the Select on Q-Eat program is rolling out to a ton of additional international flights (see list below) in Business, too, so you can pick out an entree from Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry’s Rockpool-inspired menu that features dishes like roasted pumpkin and spinach lasagna, lamb cassoulet with white beans, and a pan-seared filet of blue eye tuna with black beans, chilies, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), and rice. Sounds like a delicious way to get through those extra long 14-hour flights

Qantas Select on Q-Eat

Select on Q-Eat is now available in Business on the following flights:

·Hong Kong to Australia

·Singapore to Australia

·Between Australia, London and Dubai

·Los Angeles to Australia

·Dallas to Brisbane

·Narita to Sydney

·Shanghai to Sydney

·Manila to Sydney

·Bangkok to Sydney

·Jakarta to Sydney

·Honolulu to Sydney


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