Qantas Unveils Latest New Menus for Summer

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While you may be dying to show off your new swimsuit on the beach (and if you are, then you’re clearly better at avoiding chocolate than I am), Australian carrier Qantas is equally as eager to share their new summer menus with the world. Qantas has been teaming up with Australian superchef Neil Perry of Rockpool since the dawn of air travel (*not actually true) and Chef Perry has once again come through with a globally-inspired bill of fare for Business and First Class that will help make that extra-long flight to and from America seem like a casual jaunt as opposed to a day-killing slog.


The First Class menu is designed to keep you very full for the entire flight with eight courses of in-flight dining goodness. Of the options listed, I’d go with the gougere (that means cheese puff, y’all), the smoked salmon, the pork meatballs, and the simple roasted spatchcock (see photo above) for my savory options and the peach and almond crostata for dessert. There’s nothing about the menu that screams “Australian,” but then again there’s nothing about Australian food that screams “Australian,” either. It’s mostly just a delicious mash-up of the cultural diaspora that settled the continent over the years. The breakfast options are hidden away on the bottom of the page, but I must say that French Toast with banana jam and cinnamon yogurt sounds like a perfect way to wake up after the Ambien wears off.

Qantas_First_Menu_USA-AUS_JUN16 Qantas_First_Menu_USA-AUS_JUN16 2PrawnPasta-

The Business Class menu looks almost as sophisticated as the First Class menu (click on the image to actually be able to read it).  Your spatchcock and pan-fried seabass are available on both menus, but the Business menu goes a little more business casual with a barbecue beef sandwich, chicken pot pie, and tomato soup on the list. It’s clear that Perry’s going for a more comfort food vibe here. The pumpkin lasagne sounds especially good to me, so that’s where I’d be focusing my efforts on this flight.


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