Quick Tip: The Best Way to Save Money on Holiday Travel

With the holidays just a few weeks away (I know!), it may feel like it’s too late to book your holiday travel — but it’s not. While rushing through an airport to get somewhere around Christmas makes me want to stay in bed, some of the best flights I’ve ever taken have come in the last week of December. The secret is to book on the holiday itself. Flights on Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day are some of the most affordable and most sparse because everyone else has somewhere to be. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, skip the movie theater this year and head somewhere for the week with a return flight on New Year’s Day. You’ll be surprised how much room you have to spread out and how affordable the prices can be. Just remember to be extra cheerful to the airport and airline employees that have to work the holiday — they may not have had the choice to do so.

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