Eat. Buenos Aires. A House Turned Restaurant, Library, and Garden.

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What: Casa Cavia

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

What makes it special

Casa Cavia is a house at its core, built in the 1920s by a Norwegian artist and architect. The house, however, is far from a home. Located in Buenos Aires’ chic Palermo Chico neighborhood, it was converted into a contemporary restaurant and concept shop in 2015. Enjoy modern global cuisine in the library room where you can find books suspended in the air or head to the garden in the backyard where you can find flowers lining the green marble bar. Casa Cavia is more than just an exciting restaurant, though. It’s also a florist, book shop, and headquarters of a publishing house. While every space here feels creative and adventurous, so does the menu. The meals are inspired by books, films, and authors of the world, with each dish containing a story. Think of Casa Cavia like a whimsical private club that welcomes everyone like a member.

In your own words

“It’s truly a special restaurant that you won’t forget. If you can, try to sit in the library room. It has a big round table that brings everyone together to share thoughtful dishes, tasty wine, and heavenly desserts. Next time, I want to spend more time having a drink in the garden before my meal.”

Submitted by: Georgia Roth. Can’t do without: Google Maps, Danish ‘Hygge’ Cafes, and Golden NY Bagels.


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