Recap: The Broadmoor’s #TasteandSavor2015 Day 1

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It’s already well into Day 2 of The Broadmoor’s first annual Taste & Savor event in Colorado Springs, but it’s the first time I’ve really had to catch my breath all day so it’s time for a little recap of the glory that was TBT&S2015D1 — that’s The Broadmoor’s Taste & Savor 2015 Day 1 for those that don’t speak Internet (or those that are not themselves computers).



The day started bright and early at 9am with a caviar workshop led by the furry-vested Gwen Baird of Petrossian. She went over the history of Petrossian and general caviar facts, then led an awesome tasting workshop where we tasted five of Petrossian’s best caviars. I wrote up a little guide based on my caviar experience over here, so check that out if you want to learn what I learned.

IMG_0450Next up was a canning and preserving session with the exceedingly congenial Jessica Koslow of SQIRL in LA. Koslow is a jam expert and she walked us through the process of making and canning a delicious raspberry jam. I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to try canning it myself (water baths scare me), but I definitely enjoyed the fruits of her labor. Literally.

IMG_0457At the end of the session, we got to try the jam on a tiny biscuit and it made me so happy I had skipped breakfast.


After lunch, I attended Suzanne Tracht’s braising seminar and passively watched as the Los Angeles chef and Top Chef Master contestant braised off a lamb shank that filled the room with exactly the type of delicious aroma you’d want on a Colorado winter day. To make matters even better, we got to eat a bowl of braised lamb as our afternoon snack.

IMG_0477Baa? More like Mmmm.

While I really enjoyed all of the educational aspects of the day, I couldn’t wait for dinner to begin. That’s because I was scheduled to attend the Southern Heritage Bourbon Dinner, complete with Maker’s Mark pairings all night long. There’s really no need to recap the dinner, so instead I’ll just post the menu and some photos and you can eat along with me with your eyes.

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Day 1 was so much fun, so come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about Day 2, including a fantastic pasta workshop and the Grand Tasting Gala event!



  1. I live in Colorado Springs and saw this but skipped this year because I am pregnant and would have to forego many of the dishes. Next year for sure!!

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