Saveur Names Best In-Flight Dining

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Food magazines are made for different audiences. Every Day with Rachael Ray targets the active mom demographic, Bon Appetit goes for the cool hunter with disposable income, and Food Network Magazine aims for people who get Guy Fieri tattoos on their necks. Saveur falls on this spectrum, too, but all the way at the hoity-toity end. This isn’t a complaint. I’m a subscriber. Reading Saveur is perhaps one of the most aspirational things I do because I want to be hoity-toity.

As a high-end culinary magazine, they get to dole out honors whenever they want and in their October 2014 issue (#168 if you’re counting), they’ve released their Culinary Travel Awards. While the awards cover everything from “Best Culinary Destination, Small Domestic” to “Best Hotel Bar,” the most Fly&Dine-y categories involve Best In-Flight Dining, both in First/Business and Economy. Check out the winners below:

Best In-Flight Dining, Economy Class


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