SLS Las Vegas In-Room Dining Menus

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As a follow-up to me earlier post about in-room dining at the new SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, I thought you might want to see the actual menus. Here they are (including the Lux Dining menu which wasn’t anywhere to be found during my stay):

SLS_LV FB-021 Lux IRD Menu-proof SLS_LV_IRD Menus_800 Degrees_082014 SLS_LV_IRD Menus_Cleo_082014 SLS_LV_IRD Menus_Katsuya_082014 SLS_LV_IRD Menus_Perq_082014 SLS_LV_IRD Menus_Umami_082014FYI: These are all subject to change without notice and some menus may be more extensive than what I posted.

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