Love Sushi? Love Luggage? Get SUSHI LUGGAGE COVERS!

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Ah, Japan. Land of Nintendo, salarymen, and vending machines for used women’s underwear. There’s a culture of obsessive fandom in Japan (otaku), but there’s also a culture of cuteness (kawaii). Today’s story falls under kawaii.

I love sushi. It’s one of the rare foods that’s both indulgent and good for you (unless you’re Jeremy Piven and hoovering down pounds of mercury-laden tuna every week…). I’ve never considered showing my love for sushi in any way besides eating it, but I may have to reconsider my stance. That’s because I just came across these sushi luggage covers and they’re kind of amazing. Check ’em out:

tako sushi suitcase cover


ikura sushi suitcase cover2

Just plain adorable. Looks like we’ve got tako (octopus), ebi (shrimp), and ikura (salmon roe). There are more, too, and they’re sold by a company called Parco. You can find all of them here, although you’ll have to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Japanese.

The luggage covers fit right over your suitcase and seemingly prevent them from getting dirty or allowing someone to quickly open your bag and snatch something from inside. Even better, when they’re on a luggage conveyor belt, they look just like plates of sushi revolving around at a restaurant that serves nigiri kaiten-style (i.e. on a rotating belt).

Parco made a video to demonstrate just how cute these little luggage covers are in action. Take a look at what they look like revolving around baggage claim at Tokyo’s Narita Airport:

Would you buy one of these? I’m seriously considering it. For other sushi-themed luggage products, click here.


  1. I love this!!! I wish the sushi designs were more pronounced though. Some of the designs are hard to figure out.

    • Totally agree. I wish they had a salmon nigiri option. I feel like that would be easy to identify and completely delicious.

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