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Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip 4

It’s the Day of the Bocuse d’Or! Well, that’s not actually true. It was yesterday, but with the time difference and my handy-dandy time machine, you’re reading this yesterday. Or something. I don’t know. I’m not a time scientist. In any case, you’re about to see photos from the first day of the Bocuse d’Or,…

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Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip Day 3

If you’ve missed any of the previous photo tours from my French Gourmet Trip, go ahead and catch up here: French Gourmet Trip Day 1 Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip Day 2 Good. Now that you’re all caught up, it’s time to join me for Day 3 of the journey towards the Bocuse d’Or in…

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French Gourmet Trip Day 1

It’s officially Day 2 of my French Gourmet Trip and Day 1 finished out STRONG. I took a walking city of Vieux Lyon (the old city), experienced the B.I.G. (no relation to anyone Notorious — it’s actually the biennale international du goût, the world’s largest food festival that takes place specifically in a tunnel), and…

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My #FrenchGourmetTrip is About to Begin!

Yesterday I posted about leaving for France and today I’m here. Bonjour from Lyon. I’ll be here for a week taking in the sights sounds tastes of Lyon and, more importantly, the Bocuse d’Or — the Olympics of the culinary world. Get ready for lots of posts about what I’m eating here, thanks to the…

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